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the number of girls who are victims of sexism is more than that of boys.

The sex discrimination in the school

PART1: introduction

A, why some students are victims of sexism in the school?

B, Every day, much unfair statement between female and male happens in the world. In the school, it is also a very important problem.

C , Mostly , the number of girls who are victims of sexism is more than that of boys.


A The boys always are victims of sex discrimination.

1In china ,many teachers use the corporal punishment to management the bad students, mostly boys.(only a little girls)

2Most people think the boys who are good at art and human sciences are very sissy

B the girls

1Most people do not believe that girls have good grade because of tainted. they think girls must work hard to get grade.

 2If some girls want to some university ,they need have high grade than boys.


A there are many discrimination, specially sexism in school.

The thought about school from AS-B students

Most students believe school is greate .However ,those students think there are too mush activities in school in the order to influnce their studies.Student A saied that we only had 20 days to review for CIE,but there are too much activities.

other students do not care about the schhol . another do not like the scool.

the subtitle of the book is that 'The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World'.All of the book was writtern around this.I can not believe that this book was writtern in 1990s.The many guesses become ture now.At the same,we also will develop to become the other gusses in her book.It is described as gradually give up the  control of the machine, to gradually introduce the biological technology and the evolution of the guss. And let the machine produce adaptive, self-learning ability, self evolution, in order to make a better world. We should make the machine become the same biological things, they can form a community, mutual symbiotic, evolve to become a better machine.